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Short Walks Short

Short Walks Short

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Recent Photo Shoot With The Great Frog by Jon Dragonette



Impromptu Promo Video shot by Bruce MacWilliams circa 2013 for Fender Guitar Strings. So much fun!

Off The Wall Music Lounge (2012-2016). (Slideshow)

A hell of a good place to make and listen to music!


A place where tech, music and community came together creating unlikely collaborations, mind-blowing musical performances, and friendships for life.


Off The Wall was a unique combination of performance stage,  instruments hanging on the wall for all to play, comfortable seating and a killer vibe for performers and listeners alike.


Off The Wall soon became a popular space for filming, workshops and artist showcases and produced over 75 performances, recording sessions, rehearsals and fundraisers in its short tenure.


Well known artist like Blake Mills, Ronee Martin, Erica Gimpel and many more came to listen and play.  Thanks to all who made it a special place. XO Alicia

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